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Ambassador of Kindness

In the News 


There are heroes on our planet. Every second of every day someone steps up to make a difference and to change the world. Caregivers, Scientists, Environmentalists, Inventors, Writers, Visionaries, Celebrities, Humanitarians, Children, Adults, Pets and People from all walks of life who change the evolution and the direction of our world. We are proud to feature their stories HERE.


Supported Charities 


​Our devotion and focus is to bridge the physical and the spiritual worlds across the globe. From emergency relief to those in need of shelter, love, food, protection and a safe harbor to freedom.

We are the outstretched arms and the open hearts dedicated to caring, uplifting, and solving the global needs of every adult, child,and living creature on our planet. 


Let's open our eyes and our hearts to the children worldwide who need our support, time, care, outreach, resources and love today!

Follow the links to discover the charities close to the heart of Dame Nicole Brandon. 

Get Involved. Donate your mind...Your heart....Your money... Your time. Make a difference today.

Event of the Month


Every month we will feature an event from around the world.  From the United Nations, to trips to the Amazons there is always a way you can join us in making a difference. Feel free to donate or bring social media and awareness to our event. Yes, you can volunteer. Come join us. We invite you to share your talents, gifts, support, resources and your love. Every Heart is Welcome.   



“Grayson started private sessions with Nicole 

Brandon and he really did well with it. 

He loved going. 


He felt like he was a superstar there!!! 


Everyone knows him

and loves him in Nicole's World. She calls him her little hero and I believe he is!"

Michelle Arroyo, Grey's Mom

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