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From the White House to the United Nations she is revered for her work in the humanitarian fields.
Dame Nicole Brandon
Ambassador of Kindness

Nicole Brandon is an actress, best selling author, transformational leader and world peace ambassador. Known for her humanitarian work woldwide, Nicole is known around the globe as the Ambassador of Kindness creating bridges worldwide.


From the White House to the United Nations she is revered for her work in the humanitarian fields. Nicole works as Global Peace Ambassador in over 100 countries.


As a facilitator and trainer, Nicole has trained the trainers of leading charities and has transformed over 100 charities with her impact and heart.


The Mayor of the City of Los Angeles honored Nicole as an “ANGEL” in the City of Angels.  The State of California  granted her a certificate from the State Senate thanking her for her beautification and environmental work in the State of California making the state a better place to live.


Nicole has spoken on stages with Presidents and celebrities from Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and many, many more.


Her work with the indigenous tribes has lead her to be one the only women and Americans to facilitate the Eagle and Condor Prophecy in 1995 when the Northern and Southern Tribes met for the first time.


Nicole has led the “Children of the Earth Guardians” around the White House and shared their vision at the United Nations.  She co-produced and co-wrote “New Earth News” --a global television phenomenon about the people, places, resources and events that transform this planet.


From remarkable children’s charities like the “Make a Wish Foundation” to ground breaking prison programs like “Doing Life”, Nicole is the light, in the darkness.


She has been air-dropped into remote villages to work with those who can’t walk and she has spoken at the Olympics to the Committees on Sportsmanship.


Known for her popular radio show “Unlimited Life” and her programs that teach people how to “REACH” her Artistry in Motion has landed her on TV shows, in films and as the author of multitudes of books. 


Nicole has saved thousands of lives in her physical transformation and emergency rescue work.


Nicole is a mentor for our Nation’s fire fighter divisions and she is proud to have participated in UCLA’s Pediatric Pain Program, not to mention her acclaimed work for Pritkin in Heart Attack and Stroke Recovery.

She has worked hand in hand with the March of Dimes, the Ronald McDonald Houses, The Variety Club, World Without Strangers and the The Special Olympics. 

Charities closest to her heart are “The Amazing Gray Foundation” – Grayson the little boy who the charity revolves around is her persoanl  hero. This small child teaches love in a way that touches each and every life.

The “Fyera Foundation” that offers seeds of hope and “Here’s to Life” empowering kids through the arts worldwide.

From hunger projects to environmental causes, Nicole is always at the front of the line with her time, leadership, resources and magical gifts of life.

Her love is astounding.!! Know as the Ambassador of Kindness, no where is that more evident than her personal charity, “Letters from Santa Claus”.

Nicole and her glorious team write to children in hospitals, orphanages, ICU wards, Ronald McDonald Houses, tragedy survivors, disaster victims and to any child that feels lost or forgotten.


Nicole writes  as Santa, a personalized message from the heart, postmarked from the North Pole.  Children should always feel, safe and loved.


Nicole continues to help anyone who needs her.  She sees what others miss. An elderly woman with arthritis trying to open her change purse, a man with crutches trying to exit a plane, a mother trying to put a wheelchair in a van, she notices life and she helps.  


Everyday She Opens Her Eyes and Heart and Shares her Kindness Around the World.

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Nicole, you are a gift and a treasure.  Thank you for all the kindness and hope you bring to our world.  I am inspired and grateful. All the best" 

Amanda Rain

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